Fire Service



Firefighters face various risks during their operations.
Structural firefighting in buildings is certainly the most spectacular and one of the most dangerous and challenging occupations. Then First Responders and Emergency teams  fight open space fires as well as dealing with rescue operations, hazmat interventions and road traffic accidents. All require different skills and equipment to better face the specific risks involved, such as:

  • Risks during structural firefighting: high temperatures, low visibility, falling debris, confined spaces and flashover situations ...
  • Risks during open-space fires: vehicles, gas or chemicals explosions, extreme temperatures, smoke, radiant heat, and explosive or caustic materials for long periods of time ...
  • Risks during rescue operations: unstable ground, environmental or structural hazards, fire and fatigue ....
  • Risks during road traffic accidents: assistance to people, explosion, collapse, projectiles and high noise situations ...
  • Risks during hazmat operations: gas leakage, chemical spills or splashes, presence of combustible and/or toxic gases and vapours, oxygen deficiency ...


For more than a century, MSA has been working closely with firefighters to develop the best self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), state-of-the-art head protection systems, sophisticated monitoring systems and thermal imaging cameras as well as innovative portable gas detectors. 

Firefighters equipment needs to be especially rugged and reliable for battling the toughest fires—and they’re the backbone of why we can proudly say MSA is “The Safety Company.” 


  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • Closed Circuit Breathing Apparatus
  • Head Protection System
  • Portable Gas Detection
  • Escape Devices
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Fall Protection for SCBA

Breathing Apparatus

Fire & Rescue Helmets

Gas Detectors

Escape Device

Thermal Imaging Camera

Monitoring Systems

Fall Protection for SCBA

4 hour Breathing Apparatus