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MSA's Harness Accessories maximize user comfort and allow customization of harnesses.

Part Number

Hands-Off chisel grip

Length: 0.033 M (1.299 IN)
Width: 0.051 M (2.008 IN)
Height: 0.165 M (6.496 IN)
Weight: 0.182 KG (0.401 LB)
Size: N/A
Color: GREEN

Tool holder, 45 cm

Length: 0.046 M (1.811 IN)
Width: 0.102 M (4.016 IN)
Height: 0.468 M (18.425 IN)
Weight: 0.590 KG (1.301 LB)
Size: N/A
Color: N/A
  • Comfort pads provide additional comfort at seat, shoulders, and chest when prolonged suspension or extra tool loads are necessary.
  • Bosun Chairs include a padded seat and will keep the user in an upright position for long durations.
  • Economic back supports provide additional comfort at the lower back when prolonged suspension or extra tool loads are necessary.
  • Suspension Trauma Safety Steps allows workers to relieve pressure by insert a foot into the step loops and then standing up in the harness to increase blood flow.
  • Lanyard Connector Adapters extend the back D-ring attachment point 18" from the center of the user's back allowing easier attachment of lanyards.
  • Check availability in your country.
Markets: Construction, Oil & Gas, Utilities, General Industry, Mining
Applications: Working at Heights